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People who hate the company

Triplets – These three nasty little girls were the outcome of the first born deaths in Grace. The deathlords hollowed out these girls bodies and put spirits of malice to animate them.

Howling Lady of the Cliffs – The insane ruler of the Keldin Cliff cities she inherited the Charred Skull spire

Deacon – A once immaculate monk who joined the shadow because we killed all of his friends that tried to kill us

Cult of the Forsaken – A pesky death cult that has been relentless in Whitewall


Whitewall – The current city who holds the company’s contract

Lookshy – A city that has stood against the onslaught the East has suffered

Decimated Cities – The few cities that lay in waste after their involvement with the Company

Life among the company

History – An accounting chronicled in the book of Twin, the second

Members – Those who have made the pledge or survived the onslaught of Nexus.

Contracts – Old, new, and potential contracts the company has garnered

Oath – The promise that ties these people together

Creation’s Timeline – A listing of events that have transpired up to the current day

Main Page

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