Dusk caste Abyssal member of the Company


Fenris of Unbroken Dreams, Dark triumph of Will, Scourge of the treacherous Grace, Untouched by Scorn, Bane of the Dark Mirror, Bearer of the Golden Queen, Prophetess of the Om Nom
The Peace Bringer

Also commonly called by many in the company wolf or bb those not talking to her face that crazy bitch. She has also been known to refrence the golden queen and the dark one when refering to the people she talks to in her head (besides the whispers, it is kind of crowded in there), usually refering to the one not in controll at the moment.

Fenris is one of the oldest members of the company haveing been with it before the fall fo Nexus. Usually only called on in situations of desperate violence(which for the company is most of the time), she is known to be very loyal to those she is close to. Despite her reputation few people outside the company recognize her or have a reasonable description.


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