Stories of War and Strife

Rotten Meat, both Ambulatory and Sedentary

So a bunch of our boys had been killed in the past few days, in a ritualistic manner. Honey, Wolf and I examined the crime scenes and questioned the families of the victims. The doors were all opened from the inside except when the victim lived alone, where the doors were broken in. We set up a stakeout with a few of the apprentices. A food vendor came and the food he had was poisoned in some fashion. After interrogating him with my fist of truthiness (patent pending)we discovered some guys down a nearby alley promised him drugs in exchange for selling the poisoned food to Company members. They also gave him an artifact that compelled people to buy food or failing that go to a specific warehouse, one woman was so compelled. He was then instructed to explain what he did to Stumpy back at the barracks. We then descended upon two hooded men and an incubus. The two men went down easily but the incubus managed to escape for a short time and use mind control and shapeshifting powers to try and impede us. I proceeded to show the mind controlled people that A. I would beat the snot out of them in a fight, and B. They’d get free booze for helping me out, strictly for their medicinal needs, of course. Having seen the errors of their ways most of the mind controlled defected to our side. Wolf grabbed the Incubus and we pounded him into sticky goo. We brought the surviving hooded man and the cart full of poisoned food back to HQ. After Stitch patched the guy up it was time for him to go a round with the Fist of Truthiness. We found out they were working for a masked man and got the specific location of the warehouse where they met him. We broke the mind control on the woman who was waiting there and lay in wait for the person. In the warehouse there were boxes full of rotting meat and zombies, who I guess also count as rotting meat.

At any rate after sundown the masked man and another hooded fellow showed up. We fought him and various zombies and spirits, a good chunk of which I swayed to our side with my prowess. However, the masked guy made a break for it, and managed to freeze me with some sort of charm and make his escape by jumping into shadows. Based on his anima banner I believe him to be a Day caste Abyssal. Oh well at least the bottle of wine in my pocket (for religious reasons of course) fared well with the chilling. At any rate, I recommend setting a watch on the shadowland near town as that is where the threat seems to originate. I am not at this time certain which of our many undead enemies is responsible for this problem. Of note however, all the human minions seemed to have been addicts or suffering from some difficult to cure disease and have likely been swayed by promises of a quick fix or curing of the disease. Its something to look for at least.



dogar stinky42

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