Nobody leaves the Company, except feet first. The outfit is home. -Raven: The Black Company

The Oath

“Upon this book I give up my name and person, from now on I follow the directives of the Company. Here I will know family and I am binding my existence to rely on my brothers and sisters as they rely on me. As my identity has been stripped away I look to the Company to name me.”

The oath is said in the presence of the company and officiated by the Second in Command, Twin. The applicant writes their name or X (if illiterate) in the company chronicles and is no longer bound by their old identity anymore. After the oath is recited, they are named by their Brother and Sisters.

Why do we do this?

This tradition started when the bastard Walker got some book that could kills you once he writes your name in it and gives the shadow power. We decided that this was a bad thing since he wants us with dirt on our faces or serving his cause. The practice has saved our collective asses so far and the desertion rate remains zero. Well that isn’t quite right, those who wish to exist remain with the Company and those who want to leave us can give up their existence. That’s a real hard choice for some, we’ve been lucky so far. – Twin

How do I join the Company?

We get quite a few who think they are acceptable members of our group. They must serve the Company as apprentices until they impress enough members to nominate and vote them in.


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