The movers and shakers within the company

Nasher – Captain of the company, little is known about his position during the companies Nexus days but he helped push the company through the Walker’s army. She is rarely seen except on special occasions or battles, the day to day management of the company falls on Twin

Twin – Second in command, he is usually quiet and keeps the chronicles of the company. He is known to ask company members their accounts of missions and life in general. On two and forty, he recounts a moment of company history pertaining to the current situation

Handsome – Armsmaster nearing retirement age gruesome scars and other disfigurements but mean in battle

Lefty – Carpenter/fletcher/seigemaster known for his quick battlement constructions and meticulously kept toolset

Price – Once horse thief one of the best scouts/falconer known in the company. He enjoys playing flute and entertaining company members in off hours. Known to do any job you want but it will cost you

Sandy – Once a sailor who assisted shady business deals, helps the company with contacts and gaining employment, also good at arranging/organizing

Breeze – A silver tongue merchant known to purchase supplies and help units get out of sticky situations, a real problem solver

Stitch – Physician and alchemist, usually taciturn and cynical. Known to say ‘in my day, …’

Pinky – A large bull beast man who has a friendly cleaver that he allows his enemies to get acquainted with.

Little bit – A young mute girl picked up by the company in a decimated village on their way to the north, she has a fondness for Pinky

Barb and razor – Classic girl and her dog, if she was an angry looking reaver daiklave wielding barbarian from the northern cannibal tribes and her dog a fiercely loyal big gnarly wolfhound

Lucky – If ever you wish to know a red light district, where the party is at or how to rid yourself from a debilitating disease, Lucky is your woman

Stink – Main cook for the company, she is a snake beast-lady. Needless to say she can make anything eatable and keep the company on their feet, though it just won’t necessarily taste good.

Hero – This lanky prim and proper sword dancer is the embodiment of a classic hero and he is completely crazy and barrels headlong into danger. Not for delicate missions. He does enjoy picking at Stump

Stump – This ‘little’ creature was found attempting to end its life on a stump hence his name. Though it is a hulking fifteen foot tall undead monstrosity that rebelled against its creature and has found a purpose in the company, sadly not know for his reasoning capacity


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