“On silent wings we ride from conquest to conquest in hopes we will find peace, but alas that will leave us out of work.” – Twin

Book of the Twin

Prologue – Descending Wood 26, 779 RY

I am unsure the origins of our Company. I assume we came from one of the fifteen mercenary companies of Nexus. Our exodus on that day and prior events were muddled making everyone’s memories like a month bender coupled with some of the Guild’s good stuff. The roster at the time we started it put us at well over five thousand and from what we have found none of the original companies numbered that high; the Nightarrows, Nighthammer Iron League, or Hooded Executioners could conceivably be our origin organization. Or perhaps those who were lucky enough to escape banded together because it seemed like everyone in Creation wanted our heads on pikes. Oh those were the days.


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