Creation's Timeline

RY -1200

The Usurpation happens.

RY 1

The Great Contagion ends. The Scarlet Empress turns the fair folk back using the Realm Defense Grid. The Realm is founded.

RY 52

The council of Entities takes control of Nexus

RY 99

The Guild is formed from merchants in all corners of the Threshold

RY 763

  • The Walker in Darkness unleashes the Yozi, Adorjan, the Silent Wind in Nexus during Calibration. The city is decimated and the wind brings death and merges a portion of hell into creation.
  • The Company fight their way out of the city and escape the decimation of Nexus.

RY 764

  • Civil war in heaven many gods meet their death and most of the Bronze faction of the Sidereal are missing, including Chejop
  • Other sidereals go into hiding or retreat to creation

RY 765

Walker in Darkness is gifted with the Book of Oblivion by the Father of Murders

RY 766

Shimmering Pewter and the first born of Grace were etched into the Book of Oblivion. Those living within Grace panic and turn on their protectors, the Company

RY 769

The Unconquered Sun becomes comatose, some blame treachery from the deathlords and others blame the Green Lady

RY 775

  • Majority of the east has fallen to the shadow. The massive casualties and death cults have allowed the Father of Murders to rip a tear in Creation where he sleeps in Denandsor. Some of the dead gods come back to serve the Father of Murders while he sleeps.
  • Vegetation over creation turns sickly and rarely give nourishment and the sky is always overcast
  • The Scarlet Empress withdraws all of her forces from creation to consolidate on the Blessed Isle. Rumors of a truce between the forces of the Realm and the Shadow circulate creation.
  • Lookshy is the major hub of resistance to the forces of the Shadow and remain under siege by Walker in Darkness and Mask of Winters
  • Yurgen Kaneko unifies the Barbarians of the north under one banner and sacking Icehome bringing many of the cities’ of the Haslanti League under his control

RY 778

*Adventurers rumored to have released the Vordak from Gethamane

*The southern reaches of creation finds themselves harried by invading Fair Folk, First and Forsaken Lion forces, and roving bands of cannibals and barbarians

*The West is land locked by unending storms and an unfriendly sea

RY 788 Respendent Fire, 9

Current day

Creation's Timeline

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