Ascending Fire 24, 764 Realm Year
Accepted – 3576/5000 votes (betrayed by towns folk)

Dear belabored Company,

The lovely little city of Grace, near as I can tell is about ten thousand reside here and I would not have looked twice at the contract a year ago. Sadly, this is our only prospect in a couple of months and running for our lives is getting old. Twin, I would highly recommend this little valley town for our next project. The pickings are slim here and no recruit potential is here either. Did you know they kicked me out of Sijan?! I know we are hunted but I didn’t know city of neutrality would take a side and of course it would be the side of the dying.

The councilman, Shimmering Pewter, wishes our gracious company to protect them from the oncoming scourge. The contract is indefinite though he agreed that renegotiations could be arranged should we find a better deal. The pay is marginal though the city walls will be useful and a roof over our heads would help brighten our current tribulations. I wish you luck in getting here safely and hope the company decides to help these desperate people.

Enjoying the bland cuisine,

Keldin Cliff City
Descending Water 8, 766 Realm Year
Accepted – 2500/4500 (betrayed by Howling Lady of the Cliffs)

Dear Company,

So my bad on gauging the last city, the Keldin Dynasty wishes to give us a try. This cliff based city has the potential of getting well fortified and has access to the river traffic.

The contract is simple keep the river free and clear for their trade ships locally. Patrol their outlying farmlands, train their guard, and keep the Dynasty’s peace within the city of slightly panicked citizens. They wish our service for three summers. The pay is extremely good and they are offering recruits throughout our stay. This smells fishy though it is almost too good to pass up.

Cautiously scouting out for informants,

Resplendent Air 14, 772 Realm Year
Accepted – 2732/3000 votes (Relocated town)

Dear Company,

If only we could go back to Nexus, I am guessing you have heard of Grey Falls. Apparently the realm’s abandonment of their provenances and the river blockade in Scab has caused this city to panic.

The city council will allow us control of their militias and city functions while we are in contract. They simply wish us to keep their city safe for the living. The duration is indefinite and the pay is good though probably not worth the risk. Honestly, I would prefer to keep a city between us and our hunters than the open fields of death. I doubt we will find a safe hold in a doomed city and get paid for it.

Staying here for a while,

Ascending Wood 20, 776 Realm Year
Accepted – 5328/6000 (Nation decimated)

Dear Company,

This capital city of the Linowan Nation is inviting us and our homeless to find rest in their walls. The Nation is worried about the war to the south of them and wants an additional army and people. They notice the plants and the gloomy days waiting for the other shoe to drop.

King Linowan wants us to provide fortifications and help them overcome the onslaught of the undead. He has not set a term on our contract. They agree to take the unwashed masses from our hands and half of their treasury if we can make their city stand against the restless dead tides. It is much better than trouncing around the haunted forests filled with ungrateful cretins.

Enjoying their hot baths,

Resplendent Fire 2, 778 Realm Year
Accepted – 170/300 (Betrayed by the Realm)

Dear Persistent creatures,

I hope wandering the waste sounds safer than it sounds. The Survival Council of Cherak wishes our Companies assistance in placing the city in their control again. Apparently the Realm’s withdrawal has caused a bit of a civil war and they do not wish to use their military to slaughter their people. We will be doing the honors.

The Council promises able bodied men from the opposing side should we achieve their wishes, weapons, and provisions. The term of our contract is one year. I am sure this is better than fighting the barbarians to the east.

Shopping the outlying bazaars,

Descending Water 10, 779 Realm Year
Accepted 100/130 (Current contract)

Dear Beleaguered Masses,

Betrayal and deceit all around, I find solace in this beautiful city. The Defense Council is worried about being flanked by two armies of undead to the southeast and northwest. Not to mention the ‘Bull of the North’ rampaging the Haslanti League could turn his eyes southward and fast with the flying machines of the north. The pilgrims road seems to be failing them too so they need guards to protect their caravans.

The Council agrees to give us a tithe of recruits each year we serve their city and offer to cover any fees we use within the city. The term of the contract is for ten years and they wish to reevaluate the terms at that time.

Patiently waiting your decision,

Stormwind Pirates
Ascending Air 22, 788 Realm Year

Dear Crewe,

Apparently the scoundrels of the north wish our help to establish a few ports for their ships and promise loot from their exports. They want to give us a few ships should our exploits be successful. I mean working with them could not hurt our reputation much more, right? I have not met with them as I only received a missive from them.

Enjoying the stability,

Yurgen Kaneko
Descending Air 2, 788 Realm Year

Dear Company,

The Bull of the North wishes us to abandon our current contract holder and join his force to take the wondrous Temples of the Sun God back to the solar. He did not offer terms of payment or term limit but his letter seems like he is quite confident of victory.

Seeing trouble in our future,


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