Stories of War and Strife

Mission 1

RY 788 Respendent Fire, 9

Our first investigatory team delving into a string of apprentice murders was successful. We have exposed a group of cultists who may or may not work for a death knight. This group traffics in the infernal too. The efforts of the team have given us a bit of information on their structure and possible goals. We were only able to interrogate shades of the cultists the team exterminated, a peddler, and one live cultist. The information collaborates reports of restless dead amassing an army to the north of the town. They believe one mission is to poison Whitewall’s food and water supplies. Stitch suggests the disease spawned from the food could become catastrophic and virulent should the victims not realize the symptoms in time. Recent rumors suggest a smear campaign against the company as well. I invite them to do their worst; our reputation has never been our strong suit. – Twin

Somber, Wolf, and the Honey Badger reported an epic tale of treachery, chaotic townsfolk, insatiable demons, deadly nightmares, wicked deadites, and poisonous vittles. The intrepid team wandered the streets to hear the heart wrenching tales of the wailing widows, sons, daughters, and husbands of the lost apprentices. The marred bodies of our comrades used in some scarring deadly fiendish rites. The poor children suffered pain gripping nightmares of compulsion and lead murders to their parent’s rooms or perhaps participated in the monstrous ceremony. The brave companions advised the company to tighten our ranks saving the lives of many unaware apprentices. A few volunteer recruits were allowed to bait the dastardly villains to the waiting hands of our fearless allies. Their ruse was fruitful and lead to a momentous brawl within the street, captured pawn, rampant honey badgerness, compulsive bracelets, and a destroyed demon. The honorable associates graciously gave Stump a new play pal though it is a bit messy. The leads led them to a warehouse filled with zombies, ghosts, and a mysterious masked creature. The unconquerable mates brutally decimated the rank and file of undead though the mysterious creature slinked into the shadows. – Annals of Hero

Rumors and gossip
(Circulated in the rundown taverns and back alleys)

There is a demon summoner roaming the alleys who controls the hearts and minds of victims through yellow tendrils.

A rampaging horrifying deadly devil badger was almost caught in the ghetto by the city watch though several officers were mauled to death by it’s ferocious maw.

Callous little girl assault a city guard and feeds them to her pet demon badger, absorbing the body until there is only dust left.

(Circulated by the help in the upper class by the northeastern gate)

The incarnation of death stalks the night travelers slaying their souls and consuming what is left.

The city is cursed and tainted due their unholy alliances

(First game was 5 XP)

Rotten Meat, both Ambulatory and Sedentary

So a bunch of our boys had been killed in the past few days, in a ritualistic manner. Honey, Wolf and I examined the crime scenes and questioned the families of the victims. The doors were all opened from the inside except when the victim lived alone, where the doors were broken in. We set up a stakeout with a few of the apprentices. A food vendor came and the food he had was poisoned in some fashion. After interrogating him with my fist of truthiness (patent pending)we discovered some guys down a nearby alley promised him drugs in exchange for selling the poisoned food to Company members. They also gave him an artifact that compelled people to buy food or failing that go to a specific warehouse, one woman was so compelled. He was then instructed to explain what he did to Stumpy back at the barracks. We then descended upon two hooded men and an incubus. The two men went down easily but the incubus managed to escape for a short time and use mind control and shapeshifting powers to try and impede us. I proceeded to show the mind controlled people that A. I would beat the snot out of them in a fight, and B. They’d get free booze for helping me out, strictly for their medicinal needs, of course. Having seen the errors of their ways most of the mind controlled defected to our side. Wolf grabbed the Incubus and we pounded him into sticky goo. We brought the surviving hooded man and the cart full of poisoned food back to HQ. After Stitch patched the guy up it was time for him to go a round with the Fist of Truthiness. We found out they were working for a masked man and got the specific location of the warehouse where they met him. We broke the mind control on the woman who was waiting there and lay in wait for the person. In the warehouse there were boxes full of rotting meat and zombies, who I guess also count as rotting meat.

At any rate after sundown the masked man and another hooded fellow showed up. We fought him and various zombies and spirits, a good chunk of which I swayed to our side with my prowess. However, the masked guy made a break for it, and managed to freeze me with some sort of charm and make his escape by jumping into shadows. Based on his anima banner I believe him to be a Day caste Abyssal. Oh well at least the bottle of wine in my pocket (for religious reasons of course) fared well with the chilling. At any rate, I recommend setting a watch on the shadowland near town as that is where the threat seems to originate. I am not at this time certain which of our many undead enemies is responsible for this problem. Of note however, all the human minions seemed to have been addicts or suffering from some difficult to cure disease and have likely been swayed by promises of a quick fix or curing of the disease. Its something to look for at least.


From Bad to Worse

So seeing as how Whitewall is fixing to be attacked by six or so armies, Honey, Wolf, Breeze and I went to try and convince the Bull of the North’s army to protect Whitewall from the other armies rather than merely being in the fray. We received clearance from the various Muckymucks and local gods to negotiate and then set out.
During the night we were ambushed by the Triplets, Deathknights who were formerly little girls residing in Grace. After a pitched battle (which Breeze slept through) we drove them off, incapacitating 2 of them and taking one of the unconscious ones prisoner. As the remaining two fled they left behind a box. While interrogating our prisoner she uttered the name of her patron Neverborn and the box opened up creating a Shadowland in a mile radius. Wolf then killed her. Also the box seems to have some kind of mental influence over Honey as she sleep walked over to the box multiple times. She denies anything being amiss but it seems suspicious to me.
On a tactical note, being ambushed by the Triplets suggests one of 3 things.
1. We blundered into an operation of theirs that was already underway. This is possible as they may merely have been using the box to generate a Shadowland for troop movement purposes.
2. They are using sorcery to track Company members that leave the city. Certainly possible, and they likely very much wanted to keep us from joining with the Bull of the North.
3. Someone has sold out the Company. Not many were aware of our mission, the participants, the city leaders, the local Gods and a few Company members. This seems the most likely turn of events, one of the leaders of the city feels that survival is hopeless unless he throws his lot in with one of the invaders.

Anywya we made the rest of the trip uneventfully. Chatted up the Bull of the North and had some of his sorcerors examine the box. Basically its the last step before Oblivion, can’t be destroyed other than by being tossed into Oblivion and if a Neverborn’s name is said near it it becomes attuned to that Neverborn and allows that Neverborn to see the box and create a shadowland near the box.a

On the good news front (there’s a rarity for the company) Yurgen Kaneko agreed to have his army defend Whitewall in return for being allowed to quarter them in the temple district. Also he likely intends to make a political play to take control of the city assuming we can defend it, but I think we’ll cross that bridge when we’re fleeing a massive army trying to kill us, as per usual. That said, he indicated a willingness to seize power through the political system of Whitewall. Oh yeah, and the other part of the terms, is a ban on demon summoning in the city. At any rate the sorcerors and the Company delegation (minus Breeze who is running some errand for the Bull of the North) will shortly be moving to destroy the shadowland created by the box.
Incidentally I guess we’re stuck with the box for the time being, but that also means that we can’t return to the city unless someone can safely store it in Elsewhere.


Mission 2

RY 788 Resplendent Fire, 12

I was graciously chosen to forgo my counterterrorism operation in Whitewall; enjoying the culture and food of the upper class’s hospitality. My expertise was required to broker a deal with Sir Yurgen Kaneko, who apparently wants to restore this ancient city back to its former glory. A cadre of rough around the edge individuals wished my awe inspiring assistance in their goals. While they were not excited by my presence, I promise I did not employ any tricks to soften their views. The first night found my beautiful tent shredded and my sleep disturbed throughout the night by the noxious triplet babes. I watched the brawl and was surprised they were equally matched to the demonic children even slaying one; I expect to see the dead one back again those creatures are like cockroaches. Though I have a feeling the little girls underestimated Wolf, Somber, and Honey. The artifact left behind is quite the device, it could allow us to spy upon Wail of Strife and allow us passage into that fel city. Though there a few setbacks to using the artifact and I would not exactly advice using it at this time. So the box apparently caused a rend in creation between Wails of Strife and unleashed approximately three hundred little beady eyed spies to the undead.
I was successful in my manipulations in camp. I am treated as a noncombatant and almost pitied. My reports of their capabilities will be filed shortly. The main populace will be above bribes but honest manipulations will be advantageous in swaying some to assist me. – Breeze

We have found a few stumbles but our efforts to shape this city into a fortifiable position without starving will succeed. We lost fifty apprentices in the road to the south and Hero brought back news of the fae hosts arming to the southwest. We may petition the courts of the Wyld or at least distract them until we overcome the forces of the dead. Reports from other units outside the walls remain grim though our envoy to the Bull of the North is progressing nicely. Rumors continue to spread within the underbellies of the City attempting to defame us though no violence has erupted yet. Stitch continues to assure me he is making progress on identifying the disease and working on a counter. I have advised the council to store all supplies and keep them hermetically sealed until we need them. The officials are eerily cooperative so far. – Twin

(Last game was 10 XP – Total of 15)

Mission 3

RY 788 Resplendent Fire, 17

We fought our first offensive against the forces of shadow. Our envoy to the Bull of the North was successful in removing the taint of the dead. The city’s security measures are being tested by the minor skirmishes amongst the lower caste population. Our teams securing the city have not met any challenge yet. Efforts to create routes of escape or a surprise counterattack are slowly progressing by our specialized teams. Stitch has been treating many citizens who have contracted the disease we uncovered. Scouts have returned from northwest and southeast confirming armies of the dead amassing in droves though none have shown standards to identify who is controlling the masses. We will be sending a team to investigate the rumors of the realm near Wallport. – Twin

While out with some friends, I was summoned to support our intrepid envoy to some barbarian who wants to challenge the Company. The day was dismal as always crawling with deadites and monstrosities. Their unwavering march to the center where the sun seemed to live, these creatures shambled to their ultimate destruction and attempted in vain to attack our legendary heroes and my party. During this boring melee, Breeze was enjoying a spar with the Howling Lady and one of the Triplets. While I was ambling through the sea of incorporeal and rotting masses, Fuzzy, Somber, Honey, and Wolf fought off Deacon and two terrestrials eventually showing Deacon a quiet sleep and the other two a permanent rest in the dirt. Though I am told Honey was their backup guard to the sorcerers closing the lands of the dead. While riding up I saw quite a few exciting sights, tentacles erupted from the earth decimating the surrounding dead masses. Amazingly the structure our quartet of wonder constructed stood up to the fiery hordes and giant hulking masses. The end of the day was met by delicious feasts and intoxicating spirits. Our humble foursome did not stay behind to enjoy the merriment instead returning to the ungrateful savages. – Annals of Hero

My assignment sent me out of the welcoming arms of the city to the wilderness. I have heard of an artifact box our envoy is struggling with. It apparently created another shadowland in a manse and corrupts those near it. My task is to provide a medium in which it will be hard to get to without alerting others. There might be a few tricks I can try that the ‘court appointed’ barbarian magickers didn’t think of. Hopefully there are at least some strapping men wanting a tumble while I am exiled from the Whitewall. – Lucky

(Last game was 10 XP – total of 25)

Well at least these enemies stink less.

So following the various undead related travails up North it was somewhat refreshing to deal with something less rotting. After Lucky saw to the box we (Fuzzy, Honey, Fenris and myself) headed to Wallport to take a look at the rumors of a Realm invasion force. On the way we ran into some rude Fairfolk, some sort of eye monster thing leading them. We tried to be polite, but it never seems to work out that way. Oh well we pulverized them then went on our way.
At Wallport, Fenris set up some social charm thing making it against the law to collaborate with the Realm. While we got a crew together, Fuzzy made contact with a local Lunar who was having some problems with local beastmen, we gave the beastmen some fish and they’re going on their way now. It just goes to show, feed a beastman some fish and he goes away, teach a beastman to fish and he depletes the local fisheries and poops in the ocean, hic. At any rate the lunar is going to make armor for Fuzzy and aid us in defending Wallport.
So anyway we went out to sea and eventually located the Realm vanguard, 8 ships. We withdrew back to Wallport and have been preparing defenses with the aid of Sandy. Fenris’s legal acumen and my fist of truthiness allowed us to locate a trio of Realm spies including an Immaculate monk and a Bronze Faction Sidereal. It took some doing but we apprehended the whole lot. We haven’t had the opportunity to question the Sidereal after our scuffle but from the others we’ve discovered that this appears to be an all out widespread offensive to take back the entire region.
In my opinion we can probably hold off the initial assault but Wallport doesn’t really have the defenses it would seem to survive a protracted war against the Realm. We either need to seriously beef up its defenses or withdraw the citizenry to Whitewall. Ultimately it comes down to how vital is Wallport being operational for Whitewall’s defense. Hopefully the Bronze Faction goon knows something worthwhile, although it is risky allowing him to become conscious. Its kinda sad when a massive Realm invasion is the best news I’ve had in a while.

Mission 4

RY 788 Descending Fire, 2

I have been sent to rot alone studying a long term solution to this box. Granted I believe that it has been temporarily neutralized though I am extremely reluctant to test my magical theory out. The other artifacts left have runes that probably allow the attuned or liege to trace them. I believe if the runes are destroyed improperly that the artifacts will return to the attuned or liege. I will either be sending the other artifacts to the city or sealing them so the enemy does not find out where I am at. I await orders on what to do with my boxed death bomb, Sir. – Lucky

The encampment is slowly being allowed into the city. Yurgen has ten other exalted who are working with him, a dragon of barbarian beastmen, two dragon of irregular units, a talon of cavalry, a scale of dragon-blooded infantry, and two dragon of archers units. The units seem to be well disciplined and the dragon-blooded run drills for the infantry and irregulars during off times. I believe this would be quite a formable force should they turn on the city sadly I think we should watch them closely. – Breeze

My attempt to get a workable armada together in Wallport is providing few gems. I have roughly five outfitted merchant vessels I can properly adorn to be a thorn in the onslaught that may continue ashore, though I am attempting to outfit them for speed so they can harry rather than engage and hopefully scout. I loaned one such vessel the ‘Magnolia’ to our scouting party, Fuzzy, Somber, and Wolf. I have found a few outcastes to pilot these vessels and keep them seaworthy in the days to come. Luckily the storms to the west have landlocked many sailors in Wallport and I intend to keep them employed for a time. – Sandy

The siege will begin in a week or two depending on our enemies’ organizational abilities to the southeast and northwest. We have surveyed nightly aerial reconnaissance from the encampments to the south west. The riots are still a headache but nothing more than a nuisance. Rumors continue to circulate of our Company’s demonic practices and possible betrayal of the city. The Bull of the North’s army continues to filter through the east gate slowly to allow us to properly inspect his troops, a concession the council wished us to do. The process I expect will drag on for a few more days. Rumors continue to trickle in from the increase of traffic from the south regarding the Realms forces and horrific creatures skewered on pikes along the holy road. I have not heard from our delegates from the Jet court’s activities to the southwest. – Twin

When the group went through Whitewall Honey was sent to help pacify the riots.

Artifacts found and who has them

Last stair to Oblivion, Unrelenting Whispers of Torment – Lucky
Soulsteel Rienforced Buff Jacket x 2 – Lucky
Soulsteel Smashfist x 2 – Lucky

(Last game was 10 XP – total of 35)

Mission 5

RY 788 Descending Fire, 7

Yurgen’s camp is settling themselves amongst the city’s middle class district. I am surprised there have not been any altercations yet given the situations within the lower districts of the city. Deacon has been meeting quite a bit with Yurgen and I worry of possibilities this wild card may bring. – Breeze

The ships outfitted have been decimated though they served their purpose. Fuzzy was able to capsize one ship. Somber and Fuzzy lead the fleet out to harry the other seven ships of the armada and was able to detain all but two ships. Honey and Wolf rallied the townsfolk to evacuate and to trap the city for their eventual conquerors. Fuzzy, Somber, Honey, and Wolf assaulted both initial forces and were able to delay the forty commandos from infiltrating the city. The majority of the city was evacuated and relocated due to the efforts of our Company. I do hope the city remembers our efforts for saving their butts. I know I live in a dream world. I will be organizing a crew of individuals to treat with the Stormwind Pirates. – Sandy

Our enemies to the southeast have been calibrating their plethora of war machines. Our enemies to the northwest are a less impressive force, but I have a sinking suspicion they have a way in the city and influence over some of the populace. More individuals turn up to be cured from the disease but it seems like a losing battle. Stitch estimates fifty thousand of the lower caste are infected with some sort of manufactured plague which could eventually be used to exert control over the masses. Our forces are able to quickly and brutally subdue the riots though I believe our efficiency is being used against us. Graffiti is being used to depict us as the evil tyrants and some of our brothers and sisters theorize that these random messages are a code language our enemies are using to organize those within the city to maintain cells. We are currently blind to the activities to the southwest currently. The Realm are poised to take over Wallport. Our team who evacuated Wallport reports that the Realm has dedicated a large armada to conquer the North. News has suggested that what is left of Cherak has been retaken by the Realm, it is a pity we did not have time to fully decimate that traitorous city. I doubt they will wish to directly met our force even besieged and will try to take weaker cities to provide support for their campaign before targeting us. Rumors still suggest a Realm alliance with the Shadow. We can only wait and see what time reveals. – Twin

(Last game was 10 XP – total of 45)

Retus Staport

Well we interrogated the Sidereal successfully, he revealed that a full fledged invasion of the whole direction by the 1st and 2nd Realm legions is underway before using a charm to melt his body and escape. Sandy’s makeshift fleet managed to slow down the first wave’s progress at great personal cost. Fuzzy and I rescued the survivors of the Magnolia, other than that most of the ships burned up with their crews. Later we launched a counterattack against the Realm’s beachhead, killing 6 Dragonblooded commandos before withdrawing. They seemed content to build up their beachhead rather than attacking the evacuating townsfolk or claiming the town itself. This gave us time to wreck the docks hindering the Realm supply chain. I’m thinking their plan is to just hit everywhere they attack with overwhelming force. Hic. At least that gives us some time before they hit Whitewall, although if they’re smart they’ll just wait for the current siege to end and then attack the weakened winner. Not sure if there’s really anything we can do about that right now. we’ve already insured (ensured? Can’t remember which one it is right now, glug) that they’ll get nothing out of the port for a while. I’m hoping the Wallport refugees prove useful, regardless we’ll need them to repair/run the harbor facilities when we recapture the port. Now I’ve just got to figure out how to make Whitewall’s walls work again. Time for some liquid inspiration!

Mission 6

RY 788 Descending Fire, 17

The siege begins though our enemies to the northwest do not seem to have their hearts in the assault. Army of the Howling Lady of the Cliff made quite a bit of noise the last couple of days though they do not seem to make any progress. Their carpet riders are bombarding the city with orbs of necromantic essence that I can only imagine will eventually cause our defenses to break. Fuzzy has negotiated allies from a town named Charm though it is likely after the siege they will turn us and our ‘blasphemous’ ways. He has uncovered an interesting library which may be of use. Most of our reports from the outside are not able to get to me currently so we are somewhat blind to the ongoing of creation outside of Whitewall. – Twin

My time within the library has been very short but I am able to ensure the safety of Last stair to Oblivion Unrelenting Wails of Torment for the time being. Though I am worried as I am unable to find the laws governing this alien place, I do not experience the need to sleep or eat though my baser needs are continuing to not be met. The library does not contain knowledge relating to itself. This stinks of a trap but I will try to milk it for all it’s worth. I can think of many applications of the knowledge I could glean from this place but I am unsure how much time will have passed on the outside while I learn it. It seems time is the price of knowledge here. – Lucky

Dreams of the Father of Murder (those with Whispers gets the pleasure of experiencing this)

(Soon to come)

Dreams of Shvetya (those who gave something to the library)

(Soon to come)

Dreams of Mergandevinasander

(Soon to come)

Allies to the Company


Prisoners of War

Deacon – Yurgen currently is keeping him


Last stair to Oblivion Unrelenting Wails of Torment – Lucky

Wolf and Honey were commissioned to find those loyal to the shadow within Whitewall.

(Last game was 10 XP – total of 55)


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