Stories of War and Strife

When all you have is a Lunar

Have him chop off his legs to make glue at high speed.

So wow, a significant victory, haven’t had one of those in a while. At any rate, I made efforts to contact the Sidereal Gold Faction in order to repair the hole in Whitewall. Fuzzy and I used the Hall of Doors to travel there. Upon arrival at their location we discovered that we had picked a door that led 10 years into the past. At this point Fuzzy and I decided what the heck, our present is pretty messed up, let’s tell people about it and see what happens. The besieging army was significantly weakened apparently in part due to some form of monitoring of the Jade Prison because of my warning. The Nameless appears to be alive now when previously she was dead. Then the Gold faction showed up and we proceeded with a ritual to revive the Unconquered Sun and the Syndics. So problem one with the ritual, ghosts attempting to attack, not really a problem, Wolf took care of those. Problem two, unexpected earthquakes caused by the ritual damaging the building. We had no real tools on hand, so I had Fuzzy shapeshift into a 12 legged two armed horse and had him chopping off his own feet to make glue (at high speed using charms) while he regenerated the damage. I then patched the glue into the cracks, which slowed the collapse of the building. Then the ceiling caved in as some giant zombies clawed their way in, Wolf threw the ceiling at them, warding them off. We then held off a trio of Abyssals, who were thankfully the last major threat to actually reach the ritual as we were pretty spent after dealing with them. Then the floor started to collapse so Fuzzy turned into a giant spider and spun a web to catch the floor where the ritual was taking place. Finally Fuzzy body slammed the Lady’s carpet keeping her from reaching the ritual site, and allowing Gnasher to throw her out of the city. So in the end the Unconquered Sun was revived it seems, the Syndics are coming around and the wall is repaired with the undead armies largely broken, although their Deathlords still at large. Now onto the next problems, the ritual’s participants are sick and the Realm army will likely be here soon. Well that can wait, I’m going to celebrate with a couple of bottles of the finest booze the forge can brew. Oh by the way, Twin, make sure you keep the Annals secure, I wouldn’t want anybody else to figure out this whole time travel thing. Might want to see if Lucky can put up some type of ward to warn her if someone enters the Hall of Doors. At any rate, booze time.



dogar stinky42

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