Stories of War and Strife

Well at least these enemies stink less.

So following the various undead related travails up North it was somewhat refreshing to deal with something less rotting. After Lucky saw to the box we (Fuzzy, Honey, Fenris and myself) headed to Wallport to take a look at the rumors of a Realm invasion force. On the way we ran into some rude Fairfolk, some sort of eye monster thing leading them. We tried to be polite, but it never seems to work out that way. Oh well we pulverized them then went on our way.
At Wallport, Fenris set up some social charm thing making it against the law to collaborate with the Realm. While we got a crew together, Fuzzy made contact with a local Lunar who was having some problems with local beastmen, we gave the beastmen some fish and they’re going on their way now. It just goes to show, feed a beastman some fish and he goes away, teach a beastman to fish and he depletes the local fisheries and poops in the ocean, hic. At any rate the lunar is going to make armor for Fuzzy and aid us in defending Wallport.
So anyway we went out to sea and eventually located the Realm vanguard, 8 ships. We withdrew back to Wallport and have been preparing defenses with the aid of Sandy. Fenris’s legal acumen and my fist of truthiness allowed us to locate a trio of Realm spies including an Immaculate monk and a Bronze Faction Sidereal. It took some doing but we apprehended the whole lot. We haven’t had the opportunity to question the Sidereal after our scuffle but from the others we’ve discovered that this appears to be an all out widespread offensive to take back the entire region.
In my opinion we can probably hold off the initial assault but Wallport doesn’t really have the defenses it would seem to survive a protracted war against the Realm. We either need to seriously beef up its defenses or withdraw the citizenry to Whitewall. Ultimately it comes down to how vital is Wallport being operational for Whitewall’s defense. Hopefully the Bronze Faction goon knows something worthwhile, although it is risky allowing him to become conscious. Its kinda sad when a massive Realm invasion is the best news I’ve had in a while.


dogar stinky42

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