Stories of War and Strife

Retus Staport

Well we interrogated the Sidereal successfully, he revealed that a full fledged invasion of the whole direction by the 1st and 2nd Realm legions is underway before using a charm to melt his body and escape. Sandy’s makeshift fleet managed to slow down the first wave’s progress at great personal cost. Fuzzy and I rescued the survivors of the Magnolia, other than that most of the ships burned up with their crews. Later we launched a counterattack against the Realm’s beachhead, killing 6 Dragonblooded commandos before withdrawing. They seemed content to build up their beachhead rather than attacking the evacuating townsfolk or claiming the town itself. This gave us time to wreck the docks hindering the Realm supply chain. I’m thinking their plan is to just hit everywhere they attack with overwhelming force. Hic. At least that gives us some time before they hit Whitewall, although if they’re smart they’ll just wait for the current siege to end and then attack the weakened winner. Not sure if there’s really anything we can do about that right now. we’ve already insured (ensured? Can’t remember which one it is right now, glug) that they’ll get nothing out of the port for a while. I’m hoping the Wallport refugees prove useful, regardless we’ll need them to repair/run the harbor facilities when we recapture the port. Now I’ve just got to figure out how to make Whitewall’s walls work again. Time for some liquid inspiration!


dogar stinky42

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