Stories of War and Strife

Mission 6

RY 788 Descending Fire, 17

The siege begins though our enemies to the northwest do not seem to have their hearts in the assault. Army of the Howling Lady of the Cliff made quite a bit of noise the last couple of days though they do not seem to make any progress. Their carpet riders are bombarding the city with orbs of necromantic essence that I can only imagine will eventually cause our defenses to break. Fuzzy has negotiated allies from a town named Charm though it is likely after the siege they will turn us and our ‘blasphemous’ ways. He has uncovered an interesting library which may be of use. Most of our reports from the outside are not able to get to me currently so we are somewhat blind to the ongoing of creation outside of Whitewall. – Twin

My time within the library has been very short but I am able to ensure the safety of Last stair to Oblivion Unrelenting Wails of Torment for the time being. Though I am worried as I am unable to find the laws governing this alien place, I do not experience the need to sleep or eat though my baser needs are continuing to not be met. The library does not contain knowledge relating to itself. This stinks of a trap but I will try to milk it for all it’s worth. I can think of many applications of the knowledge I could glean from this place but I am unsure how much time will have passed on the outside while I learn it. It seems time is the price of knowledge here. – Lucky

Dreams of the Father of Murder (those with Whispers gets the pleasure of experiencing this)

(Soon to come)

Dreams of Shvetya (those who gave something to the library)

(Soon to come)

Dreams of Mergandevinasander

(Soon to come)

Allies to the Company


Prisoners of War

Deacon – Yurgen currently is keeping him


Last stair to Oblivion Unrelenting Wails of Torment – Lucky

Wolf and Honey were commissioned to find those loyal to the shadow within Whitewall.

(Last game was 10 XP – total of 55)


dogar dogar

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