Stories of War and Strife

Mission 5

RY 788 Descending Fire, 7

Yurgen’s camp is settling themselves amongst the city’s middle class district. I am surprised there have not been any altercations yet given the situations within the lower districts of the city. Deacon has been meeting quite a bit with Yurgen and I worry of possibilities this wild card may bring. – Breeze

The ships outfitted have been decimated though they served their purpose. Fuzzy was able to capsize one ship. Somber and Fuzzy lead the fleet out to harry the other seven ships of the armada and was able to detain all but two ships. Honey and Wolf rallied the townsfolk to evacuate and to trap the city for their eventual conquerors. Fuzzy, Somber, Honey, and Wolf assaulted both initial forces and were able to delay the forty commandos from infiltrating the city. The majority of the city was evacuated and relocated due to the efforts of our Company. I do hope the city remembers our efforts for saving their butts. I know I live in a dream world. I will be organizing a crew of individuals to treat with the Stormwind Pirates. – Sandy

Our enemies to the southeast have been calibrating their plethora of war machines. Our enemies to the northwest are a less impressive force, but I have a sinking suspicion they have a way in the city and influence over some of the populace. More individuals turn up to be cured from the disease but it seems like a losing battle. Stitch estimates fifty thousand of the lower caste are infected with some sort of manufactured plague which could eventually be used to exert control over the masses. Our forces are able to quickly and brutally subdue the riots though I believe our efficiency is being used against us. Graffiti is being used to depict us as the evil tyrants and some of our brothers and sisters theorize that these random messages are a code language our enemies are using to organize those within the city to maintain cells. We are currently blind to the activities to the southwest currently. The Realm are poised to take over Wallport. Our team who evacuated Wallport reports that the Realm has dedicated a large armada to conquer the North. News has suggested that what is left of Cherak has been retaken by the Realm, it is a pity we did not have time to fully decimate that traitorous city. I doubt they will wish to directly met our force even besieged and will try to take weaker cities to provide support for their campaign before targeting us. Rumors still suggest a Realm alliance with the Shadow. We can only wait and see what time reveals. – Twin

(Last game was 10 XP – total of 45)


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