Stories of War and Strife

Mission 4

RY 788 Descending Fire, 2

I have been sent to rot alone studying a long term solution to this box. Granted I believe that it has been temporarily neutralized though I am extremely reluctant to test my magical theory out. The other artifacts left have runes that probably allow the attuned or liege to trace them. I believe if the runes are destroyed improperly that the artifacts will return to the attuned or liege. I will either be sending the other artifacts to the city or sealing them so the enemy does not find out where I am at. I await orders on what to do with my boxed death bomb, Sir. – Lucky

The encampment is slowly being allowed into the city. Yurgen has ten other exalted who are working with him, a dragon of barbarian beastmen, two dragon of irregular units, a talon of cavalry, a scale of dragon-blooded infantry, and two dragon of archers units. The units seem to be well disciplined and the dragon-blooded run drills for the infantry and irregulars during off times. I believe this would be quite a formable force should they turn on the city sadly I think we should watch them closely. – Breeze

My attempt to get a workable armada together in Wallport is providing few gems. I have roughly five outfitted merchant vessels I can properly adorn to be a thorn in the onslaught that may continue ashore, though I am attempting to outfit them for speed so they can harry rather than engage and hopefully scout. I loaned one such vessel the ‘Magnolia’ to our scouting party, Fuzzy, Somber, and Wolf. I have found a few outcastes to pilot these vessels and keep them seaworthy in the days to come. Luckily the storms to the west have landlocked many sailors in Wallport and I intend to keep them employed for a time. – Sandy

The siege will begin in a week or two depending on our enemies’ organizational abilities to the southeast and northwest. We have surveyed nightly aerial reconnaissance from the encampments to the south west. The riots are still a headache but nothing more than a nuisance. Rumors continue to circulate of our Company’s demonic practices and possible betrayal of the city. The Bull of the North’s army continues to filter through the east gate slowly to allow us to properly inspect his troops, a concession the council wished us to do. The process I expect will drag on for a few more days. Rumors continue to trickle in from the increase of traffic from the south regarding the Realms forces and horrific creatures skewered on pikes along the holy road. I have not heard from our delegates from the Jet court’s activities to the southwest. – Twin

When the group went through Whitewall Honey was sent to help pacify the riots.

Artifacts found and who has them

Last stair to Oblivion, Unrelenting Whispers of Torment – Lucky
Soulsteel Rienforced Buff Jacket x 2 – Lucky
Soulsteel Smashfist x 2 – Lucky

(Last game was 10 XP – total of 35)


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