Stories of War and Strife

Mission 3

RY 788 Resplendent Fire, 17

We fought our first offensive against the forces of shadow. Our envoy to the Bull of the North was successful in removing the taint of the dead. The city’s security measures are being tested by the minor skirmishes amongst the lower caste population. Our teams securing the city have not met any challenge yet. Efforts to create routes of escape or a surprise counterattack are slowly progressing by our specialized teams. Stitch has been treating many citizens who have contracted the disease we uncovered. Scouts have returned from northwest and southeast confirming armies of the dead amassing in droves though none have shown standards to identify who is controlling the masses. We will be sending a team to investigate the rumors of the realm near Wallport. – Twin

While out with some friends, I was summoned to support our intrepid envoy to some barbarian who wants to challenge the Company. The day was dismal as always crawling with deadites and monstrosities. Their unwavering march to the center where the sun seemed to live, these creatures shambled to their ultimate destruction and attempted in vain to attack our legendary heroes and my party. During this boring melee, Breeze was enjoying a spar with the Howling Lady and one of the Triplets. While I was ambling through the sea of incorporeal and rotting masses, Fuzzy, Somber, Honey, and Wolf fought off Deacon and two terrestrials eventually showing Deacon a quiet sleep and the other two a permanent rest in the dirt. Though I am told Honey was their backup guard to the sorcerers closing the lands of the dead. While riding up I saw quite a few exciting sights, tentacles erupted from the earth decimating the surrounding dead masses. Amazingly the structure our quartet of wonder constructed stood up to the fiery hordes and giant hulking masses. The end of the day was met by delicious feasts and intoxicating spirits. Our humble foursome did not stay behind to enjoy the merriment instead returning to the ungrateful savages. – Annals of Hero

My assignment sent me out of the welcoming arms of the city to the wilderness. I have heard of an artifact box our envoy is struggling with. It apparently created another shadowland in a manse and corrupts those near it. My task is to provide a medium in which it will be hard to get to without alerting others. There might be a few tricks I can try that the ‘court appointed’ barbarian magickers didn’t think of. Hopefully there are at least some strapping men wanting a tumble while I am exiled from the Whitewall. – Lucky

(Last game was 10 XP – total of 25)


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