Stories of War and Strife

Mission 2

RY 788 Resplendent Fire, 12

I was graciously chosen to forgo my counterterrorism operation in Whitewall; enjoying the culture and food of the upper class’s hospitality. My expertise was required to broker a deal with Sir Yurgen Kaneko, who apparently wants to restore this ancient city back to its former glory. A cadre of rough around the edge individuals wished my awe inspiring assistance in their goals. While they were not excited by my presence, I promise I did not employ any tricks to soften their views. The first night found my beautiful tent shredded and my sleep disturbed throughout the night by the noxious triplet babes. I watched the brawl and was surprised they were equally matched to the demonic children even slaying one; I expect to see the dead one back again those creatures are like cockroaches. Though I have a feeling the little girls underestimated Wolf, Somber, and Honey. The artifact left behind is quite the device, it could allow us to spy upon Wail of Strife and allow us passage into that fel city. Though there a few setbacks to using the artifact and I would not exactly advice using it at this time. So the box apparently caused a rend in creation between Wails of Strife and unleashed approximately three hundred little beady eyed spies to the undead.
I was successful in my manipulations in camp. I am treated as a noncombatant and almost pitied. My reports of their capabilities will be filed shortly. The main populace will be above bribes but honest manipulations will be advantageous in swaying some to assist me. – Breeze

We have found a few stumbles but our efforts to shape this city into a fortifiable position without starving will succeed. We lost fifty apprentices in the road to the south and Hero brought back news of the fae hosts arming to the southwest. We may petition the courts of the Wyld or at least distract them until we overcome the forces of the dead. Reports from other units outside the walls remain grim though our envoy to the Bull of the North is progressing nicely. Rumors continue to spread within the underbellies of the City attempting to defame us though no violence has erupted yet. Stitch continues to assure me he is making progress on identifying the disease and working on a counter. I have advised the council to store all supplies and keep them hermetically sealed until we need them. The officials are eerily cooperative so far. – Twin

(Last game was 10 XP – Total of 15)


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