Stories of War and Strife

From Bad to Worse

So seeing as how Whitewall is fixing to be attacked by six or so armies, Honey, Wolf, Breeze and I went to try and convince the Bull of the North’s army to protect Whitewall from the other armies rather than merely being in the fray. We received clearance from the various Muckymucks and local gods to negotiate and then set out.
During the night we were ambushed by the Triplets, Deathknights who were formerly little girls residing in Grace. After a pitched battle (which Breeze slept through) we drove them off, incapacitating 2 of them and taking one of the unconscious ones prisoner. As the remaining two fled they left behind a box. While interrogating our prisoner she uttered the name of her patron Neverborn and the box opened up creating a Shadowland in a mile radius. Wolf then killed her. Also the box seems to have some kind of mental influence over Honey as she sleep walked over to the box multiple times. She denies anything being amiss but it seems suspicious to me.
On a tactical note, being ambushed by the Triplets suggests one of 3 things.
1. We blundered into an operation of theirs that was already underway. This is possible as they may merely have been using the box to generate a Shadowland for troop movement purposes.
2. They are using sorcery to track Company members that leave the city. Certainly possible, and they likely very much wanted to keep us from joining with the Bull of the North.
3. Someone has sold out the Company. Not many were aware of our mission, the participants, the city leaders, the local Gods and a few Company members. This seems the most likely turn of events, one of the leaders of the city feels that survival is hopeless unless he throws his lot in with one of the invaders.

Anywya we made the rest of the trip uneventfully. Chatted up the Bull of the North and had some of his sorcerors examine the box. Basically its the last step before Oblivion, can’t be destroyed other than by being tossed into Oblivion and if a Neverborn’s name is said near it it becomes attuned to that Neverborn and allows that Neverborn to see the box and create a shadowland near the box.a

On the good news front (there’s a rarity for the company) Yurgen Kaneko agreed to have his army defend Whitewall in return for being allowed to quarter them in the temple district. Also he likely intends to make a political play to take control of the city assuming we can defend it, but I think we’ll cross that bridge when we’re fleeing a massive army trying to kill us, as per usual. That said, he indicated a willingness to seize power through the political system of Whitewall. Oh yeah, and the other part of the terms, is a ban on demon summoning in the city. At any rate the sorcerors and the Company delegation (minus Breeze who is running some errand for the Bull of the North) will shortly be moving to destroy the shadowland created by the box.
Incidentally I guess we’re stuck with the box for the time being, but that also means that we can’t return to the city unless someone can safely store it in Elsewhere.



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