Stories of War and Strife

Filling the Mind, hic

So we managed to get the Walls up and running, and it seems like they’re holding pretty well against the stuff the Howling Lady is throwing at it. At any rate, Fuzzy, Shifty and I were sent to go find Lucky and bring her to the Library that Fuzzy discovered. We evaded various patrols and made it to Lucky’s location. Anyway, Fuzzy used this orb thing and got us and the box through into the Library. Inside there’s this huge uhhh thing that calls itself Shivetya. I’m not quite sure what it is, demon, lost primordial, remnant of a lost incarna, its hard to tell. All I know is he’s nailed to a throne and seems to be quite powerful. Anyway in order to gain admission to the library proper, I gave him my unique knowledge of first age brewing techniques. The process of knowledge extraction was almost as painful as a hangover from my Eyebite Moonshine, (the blindness is only temporary, uhhh usually). The books here are unimaginably inclusive, information on virtually everything you could think of. Additionally there’s a map room with unparralled para, curse you double letters! Very big spy use as it can look anywhere at anybody. I spied on Cheop, leader of the Bronze faction while he was meeting with the Scarlet Empress. To aid in the further spying I managed to find the current Bronze faction roster in the library, so we should get someone who can read lips in old and high realm up there as soon as possible. Oh and I used the map to locate Mount Megalatapioca (blasted first age names) and currently have that set as our emergency fall back position should Whitewall fall.
Anyway, we left the box there along with Lucky and examined the hall of doors in this library. They lead anywhere and anywhen, however we couldn’t find one that lead to present Whitewall, only the past and the future Whitewall. I’m not sure how good an idea time travel is, Fate is a tricky thing. Company members outside fate might be able to have an impact, but as far as I know only Hero really falls into that category, and I’d rather not have him be our representative to first age Whitewall. That said, going clandestinely to the first age whitewall to examine the workings of the walls at their peak might be helpful in maintaining them. Basically, we can probably send someone as long as they don’t spend essence in the past or call undue attention to themselves on the Loom of Fate.
So we exited the library via its more mundane gate into the City of Charm. The city is basically Paragon but a bit more polite about how everybody is mind controlled by a god named uhh Andorial, ehh I’ll just call him Andy. He’s a god of Justice and order and all that stuff and seems to have used his considerable power to create a nice little town, clean in every way, including the citizens’ minds. I don’t like the idea of a foreign force influences how I think and feel (glug glug), so we went about our way, although the mayor did pledge her support to us. I don’t really think they’ll attack us directly, although watch out for Andy convincing the Syndics that his plan is better than the alternative for Creation.

So on our way from Charm to Whitewall we stopped off to check on Hero since the Jet court is on the way. A couple of Shifty’s henchmen got mutated a bit, nothing too serious and then we fought an amoeba monster. Amazingly all the mooks survived, impressive for mortals. Anyway a bit of a drink break and then checking up on Hero. Hopefully the Fair Folk won’t want to eat any of the henchmen.


dogar stinky42

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